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1 month ago

3D Photo Magic | Convert Any Picture to 3D with Python

Eran Feit ·   ·   · Hi, · enjoy the magic of 3D image conversion with our tutorial! In just three steps , you'll transform any 2D image into a stunning 3D using the '3d-photo-inpainting' Python library.  · 🚀 Step 1: Environment Setup & Library Installation Learn how to create a Conda environ ...

2 months ago

Creating an Animal Segmentation Model with U-Net and TensorFlow Keras

Eran Feit ·   · 🎥 In our latest video tutorial, we will dive deep into the world of sports image classification! 🏀📸 ·   · 🔍What's Covered in this Video: ·   ·   · 📦Dataset Download: We'll start by obtaining a large sports image dataset from Kaggle, carefully curated with 21 unique sports cat ...

2 months ago

TensorFlow Sports Image Classification : Building a Custom Model with TensorFlow and Keras

Eran Feit ·   · 🎥 In our latest video tutorial, we will dive deep into the world of sports image classification! 🏀📸 ·   · 🔍 What's Covered in this Video: ·   · 📦 Dataset Download: We'll start by obtaining a large sports image dataset from Kaggle, carefully curated with 21 unique sports categ ...

2 months ago

AI Food Recognition : Classifying 36 Fruits and Vegetables in TensorFlow

Eran Feit ·   · Hi, ·   · 🍏🥕🍅 In this tutorial, we guide you through the process of building a neural network capable of classifying 36 different fruits and vegetables using TensorFlow and Python. 🎥 · 📚 Here's what you'll learn:  ·   · 🔹 Data Preparation: Explore the dataset and learn how to ...

3 months ago

How to Add Color to Old Black and White Movies and Images | using DeOldify

Eran Feit · 🎥 Colorizing the Past: Transforming Black and White Movies and Images with DeOldify 🎨 · Have you ever wondered what your favorite classic movies would look like in color? In this tutorial, we're learn a simple process of colorization using the powerful DeOldify library.  · 🚀 Key ...

6 months ago

Learn How to Find Wally in Images Using Python and OpenCV

Eran Feit · Do you remember playing "Where's Wally?" as a kid?  · What if you could take that game to the next level using advanced computer vision techniques? · Our latest tutorial shows you how to find Wally in any image using Python and OpenCV.  · We'll take an image of Wally and use it a ...

8 months ago

Python Image Segmentation Made Easy with OpenCV and K-means Algorithm

Eran Feit ·   · Discover how to perform image segmentation using Python, OpenCV, and K-means clustering. ·   · In this tutorial, you'll discover how to divide an image into multiple segments or regions based on certain criteria, and extract useful insights from the image.  · You'll learn how ...

8 months ago

How to Build a Real-Time Object Detection with your own voice

Eran Feit ·   · Check out our latest video tutorial! · In this tutorial, we show you how to create a voice-controlled object detection system using the YOLO algorithm.  · By combining object detection with speech recognition, you can create a system where you can say a word or phrase, and th ...

8 months ago

Building a Self-Driving Car in Atari 2600 Grand Prix Game – Full tutorial

Eran Feit · Take your Python skills to the next level with this tutorial on using computer vision and OpenCV to play and control an Atari 2600 Grandprix game.  · With this tutorial, you'll learn how to detect the cars in the game using OpenCV, control the car using keyboard commands, and cre ...

1 year ago

How to beat the Beatstar game using Python and computer vision?

Eran Feit · Hi, · Love to play Beatstar ? · Would you interested in Python and computer-vision for beating the game ? · Follow this tutorial and watch how we can analyze the game using Python libraries, “investigate” the game by it’s image areas , and the keyboard or mouse commands for click ...

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