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4 years ago


Sara Jacobovici · Image credit: Word-Game-World · Wednesday Word of the Week on beBee: WWW.beBee · In English: (In Spanish below.) · I have a hive called, “What words mean to me.”  · I would like to add the following feature to this hive; every Wednesday, I will post the word(s) of the week. This ...

4 years ago

Things coming together.

Sara Jacobovici · Image credit: Drawception · I posted a buzz, Right place, right time, in which I said: · “Having a good sense of direction can be an asset in getting you to be in that right place. But that sense cannot take place in isolation of your sense of time. Where we want to go and how we ...

5 years ago

Always room to grow!

Sara Jacobovici · Last February, I wrote a post called, Lessons From a Woman Who Changed My World. Well, today is my mother Ida's 97th birthday (till 120). In spite of any challenges, this woman continues to think of the future and of life. As such, in honor of her birthday, she is a proud owner o ...

5 years ago

“In appreciation of ALL the BEES in the World.”*

Sara Jacobovici · photo credit: www.britannica.com · *@Emília M. Ludovino writes: · ”BEES SERVE AS IMAGES OF THE MIRACULOUS INTERCONNECTEDNESS OF LIFE. The intricate intercellular structure that secretes the golden essence of life is an image of the network of invisible nature that relates all thi ...

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