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6 years ago

A Thoughtful Share

Sara Jacobovici · Image credit: Mindful Minutes · Hi all bees! I have started a new hive which I am calling, “A Thoughtful Share”. I am hoping that it will be filled with our contributions of thoughts we have had, now and again that have not, as yet, found a home. Well, this hive can be a stopover ...

7 years ago

Learning from our youngest teachers.

Sara Jacobovici · Image credit: 123RF.com · My father passed away when my eldest niece just turned 2 years old. Their remarkable relationship can only be described in the following scenario: · I was sitting with my niece at the kitchen table just a few days after my father had passed away. She wa ...

7 years ago

What Words Mean to Me: a new Hive

Sara Jacobovici · I have just recently been trying to make “sense” of how words have taken on a significant difference when they are part of social media and then I read @Auroras Sima say in her interview with @Don Kerr: “It´s a paradox: The technical ability to share our thoughts with more people ...

7 years ago

The Tree of Life

Sara Jacobovici · Image credit: lens-art.photoshelter.com · On the north tip of the South Island in New Zealand is this grove of trees. · I have been inspired by an invitation from @Ali Anani's Buzz to start this Hive, The Tree of Life. · "The trees have many stories to tell. Their conflicts, the ...

7 years ago

Bubbling Ideas

Sara Jacobovici · A contribution to @David Navarro López's new Hive inspired by @Ali Anani's Buzz.*  · cosmopolitancornbread.com · *All quotes by Ali Anani. · Metaphorically speaking Dr. Ali has made a connection between bubbles created in nature and ideas. This connection has led me to forming th ...

7 years ago

Balance comes in threes.

Sara Jacobovici · Image credit: prjobcoach.blogspot.com · I have often heard authors compare writing and publishing a book to the experience of giving birth. Well for me, it feels more like climbing a tree; each time I write something it branches off into another related area. It’s exciting but at ...

7 years ago

Three's can be a crowd.

Sara Jacobovici · Image credit: www.independent.co.uk · @Ali Anani has made the following invitation: · Who will make a triad with me so that our ideas in their different states would produce more and be self-propagating?This inspired me to think of the relationships of three; elements in nature, ...

7 years ago

Swirling Memories

Sara Jacobovici · Image credit: www.pinterest.com · Thank you, @Dean Owen for creating a great Hive, Café beBee. You have literally given me my virtual coffee break. There have been Buzzes on beBee about coffee drinking, sharing and remembering. But you have given those stories and all others (and ...

7 years ago

For the Hive: My Imprint

Sara Jacobovici · My Imprint: I am going to cheat only because I am the first to write for this Hive and I didn’t want to influence anyone else (positively or negatively). I am going to describe the imprint others have had on me and therefore influenced the hope of the imprint I will leave behind. ...

7 years ago

My Imprint

Sara Jacobovici · There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique.  · Martha Graham · @Ali Anani and @Donna-Luisa Eversley have inspired me to create this new Hive, M ...

7 years ago

Bee Yourself

Sara Jacobovici · The Buzz of @Ali Anani and the discussions that ensued, motivated me to write this post. · Writing on beBee.   · Part One - Why: The courage to engage. · Engagement; that definitely is one reason for me. I have never worked in isolation. I can’t imagine that possibility occurri ...

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